With our team we are passionate about telling high end stories in a visually stunning way. The focus of the company is to shape a short to-the-point story in which emotions and atmosphere play a crucial role.


From developing a concept to shooting in challenging situations, we are always looking for truthful events that everyday life gives us. We provide services in both photography and film, specialising in commercial shorts films. With our documentary approach we are able to produce ‘pure’ stories which imagine emotions that people understand and feel.


“ DAVIDSTEVENS.NL’s work speaks for itself. They are very creative and very talented with a camera, in both photography and cinematography. They are professional, resourceful and engaged in making projects successful and visually outstanding. But above all, they are men of integrity and hard workers – and the people who keep their head when all around them are losing theirs..”


Twan Lauwerijssen


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