The Official European Bug In #5 Film

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personal - film

The Official European Bug In #5 Film

The European Bug In #5 is known as one of the world’s biggest air-cooled Volkswagen events. More than 10.000 people visited the fifth edition of the show in Chimay, Belgium. On the 90 year old racetrack from Chimay it is all about reliving the spirit of the legendary original Bug-In events that started way back in 1968 on the American West Coast.

In this film we tell you with compelling pictures the story of people who have fuel running in their veins. People from the whole world ship their cars in just for this show, in this film you can see what makes the European Bug In so special.

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Rob Willemsen

Koen Witteveen

Alexander Jochems

Joey Terwindt

Thomas Gebben

David Stevens

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