MEST Magazine – ‘De Zone’

personal - photography

personal - photography

MEST Magazine – ‘De Zone’

MEST is a Dutch community for culture in Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands. MEST Magazine is a magazine on special art and culture in Noord-Brabant. tells both offline an online stories of the cultural sector. 

Both platforms make the heritage and value of culture visible. They connect art & culture with other platforms such as economics, space, technology, science and social renewal. They do this with examples from different perspectives, from high culture to low culture, from music to film, from amateur to professional.

In MEST magazine I have my own section called ‘De Zone’ in which I go to places where there is no visual story. These places have a rich history or an invisible story which I try to visualise. My pictures are supportive to a poet on the same subject. So far I’ve went to different places with topics with a rich history such as WW2 related subjects or creative projects as the ‘glow in the dark’ road by Oss.

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M22, a 1 minute on stuttering


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