Het Gelders Orkest: Ma mère l’oye

personal - film

personal - film

Het Gelders Orkest: Ma mère l’oye

This imaginative film is created for Het Gelders Orkest (The Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra) to make a visual journey of Ravel’s ‘Ma mère l’oye’. This is done by a storyline of 3 layers in which the conductor, Antonello Manacorda, makes a imaginative journey while conducting the piece. The storyline is of his personal transformation throughout the piece, his character grows and finds confidence during the play. ‘Ma mère l’oye’ is a piece in which the end leads to an musical climax in which Manacorda’s dream will reach his visual climax.

The music for this piece is recorded by Bert van der Wolf from Northstar Recordings in surround audio. For this film we filmed on location in Musis Sacrum, Arnhem and in several locations on the road. The end shot of the film is filmed on location in France.



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Bert van der Wolf

Brendon Heinst

Rob Willemsen

Nicky Regelink

David Stevens

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